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Morgan Office Solutions established in 2008 offering high quality office furniture in Egypt. It quickly gained the respect and satisfaction of the Egyptian market and customers respectively due to the high quality and innovation of its products and its wide range and more importantly the respectful reputation of Morgan Group has in Egypt since 1979.


In 2010 Morgan Office Solutions decided to go one step forward offering home and garden furniture in addition to office bringing new standards to the market.








Our History gets back to year 1979 When Mr. Morad Morgan Chairman of Morgan Group Ltd. decided to open a specialized car seat interior refurbishing factory, Specialized in real and artificial leather for car interiors becoming the first specialized factory in car interiors not only in Egypt but in the Middle East.


In year 2007 he decided to why not extending his experience to offer more quality products to market but in another field, so in 2008 he opened Morgan Office Solutions bringing the market to a new level in Office and Home Furniture products.








We provide the highest quality products at very competitive prices.We provide a large variety of products that you won’t find at any of our competitors. We are able to apply any customizable design in your imagination of any product and bring it to Reality.


We are rated as having one of the best customer support department among all competitors.









We manufacture all products at our factories. Because of our continuous investment in machine specification and technology, we take pride in achieving the highest levels of quality. Every item in our comprehensive product range is subjected to a series of demanding quality control procedures to ensure total customer satisfaction.


We appreciate that our entire workforce is integral to the continued success of our business. Which is why we give our staff the opportunity to have training courses all the time enabling them not just to develop on individual basis but collectively. We believe that this is a key for our continuity and future success.







Customer service is an important of our imperial philosophy. Delivery promises so crucial to our success, we are able to deliver the goods at consistent and reliable times. A complete quality management approach to our operations is reflected in every aspect in our entity, with activities and individuals motivated to achieve quality at all times.


All our products meet all certain and critical World standards that are essential for the satisfaction of our customers.






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